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Eye Health: Dry Eye & Eye Drops

Treating Dry Eye

When your eyes do not make enough tears or your tears evaporate away too quickly, your eyes can be left red and dry, with a burning sensation. This is dry eye, and up to 1/3 of older adults have this condition. Dry eye can reduce your ability to see and limit your daily activities. So how can you treat dry eye?

Dry eye is best treated with Artificial Tears. Artificial Tears keep the eye moist and treat the symptoms of dry eye. Artificial Tears are available, without a prescription, at Health Park Pharmacy.

Health Park Pharmacy has more opthalmic products available to treat other types of eye discomfort. Visine eye drops are great for red eyes, and Zaditor eye drops treat itchy eyes caused by seasonal allergens. Drop by and talk to one of Health Park’s pharmacists regarding your eye care needs.




How to Use Eye Drops

  1. Wash hands with soap and warm water for 30 seconds
  2. Remove bottle cap
  3. Tilt head back and look up toward the ceiling
  4. Use your index finger to pull down on the bottom eyelid of the affected eye to form a “gutter” area
  5. In the “gutter” formed by pulling down on the eyelid, place on drop of solution. Do not allow the dropper to touch your eye.
  6. Press lightly on the inside corner of your eye for one minute and try not to blink. This will help retain the medication in the eye area.
Proper Eye Drop Administration


How to Use Eye Ointment

  1. Wash hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds
  2. You may want to hold the ointment tube in your hands for a few minutes to warm and soften the ointment.
  3. Use your index finger to pull down on the bottom eyelid of the affected eye to form a “gutter” area
  4. Squeeze a thin line (about 1/4 to 1/2 inch long) into the “gutter” area. Be careful not to let the tip of the ointment touch your eye
  5. Close your eye and roll your eye around to spread out the ointment. You may blink a few times to help spread the ointment, but do not rub your eyes. Your vision may be blurred for a short time, but this will clear up in a few minutes.
Apply Eye Ointment To “Gutter” Area

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