Medication Adherance

The Key to Your Healthcare Success Have you ever had trouble taking a medication as prescribed or stopping a medication without telling your doctor? Well, you are not alone! No need to worry, there are people out there to help; your local community pharmacist! Pharmacists have been recently referred to as “the most accessible health […]

Flu Facts

Do you know the truth about the flu?? Myths about vaccinations have become increasingly more common over the past few years.  Let’s take some time to debunk some of these myths and get down to the facts! It’s Time for a Q &A Session! Q:  Do I need to go to my doctor to be […]

Travel Preparedness

Travel Tips If you are traveling internationally check the CDC to see if you need any special vaccines and make an appointment to receive the vaccines well in advance from your departure date Flying increases your clot risk due to immobility and cabin pressure.  Be active get up and walk around, wear compression hose if […]