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Health Issues Facing Diabetic Patients

Health Issues Facing Diabetic Patients Today 1. HEART DISEASE is one of the leading causes of death in diabetic patients.  Continuous increases in blood sugar results in a gradual build-up of fat and deposition on the blood vessel walls causing them to harden.  These hardened vessel walls become narrowed and plaques […]


Flu Shots – What’s the Difference?

Flu Shots: What’s the Difference? It’s that time of year again – flu shot season! As you get ready to go get your flu shot, you may be confused by all the different options. Trivalent? Quadrivalent? High dose? How can you decide which vaccine to receive?       Types […]


New Pneumonia Vaccine: Fact or Fiction

Pneumonia Vaccine Guidelines have changed:  How does this impact you?  What happened- Many of our patients have asked us about a recent article published in the Wall Street Journal  about changes to the Pneumonia Vaccine Guidelines & we’d like to simplify the information for you. When – August 13, 2014 Who […]