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How it works

Initial Sign Up

A Health Park Pharmacy representative will call you at home to gather your prescription, medical & billing information, discuss your needs and review what to expect. Your family members or caregivers are encouraged to participate to ensure they understand the program, as well. The information gathered is then reviewed by one of our pharmacists for a comprehensive clinical review.

Medication Review & Reconciliation

When you start with us, our pharmacist will review & reconcile your medications with your primary care physician.  Our clinical pharmacists review all your medications prescribed by all your doctors. This is important because it helps ensure your medications are working properly. We’ll look for things like inaccurate doses, duplicate prescriptions and potential drug interactions. If we detect any issues, our pharmacists work with your doctors to find a solution.  Our pharmacists will make suggestions for lower cost alternatives if appropriate.



Obtaining your prescriptions


We manage this process for you from start to finish. As long as you are with us, we will continue to monitor your regimen and the work closely with your doctors, nurses, caregivers and you to manage your prescriptions and regularly review your medications. 


Preparing your AdherePac

Your health coach will call you monthly (approximately one week before the arrival of your next AdherePac).  Your health coach will make sure there have been no changes to your regimen & no hospitalizations have occurred since your last delivery. Our pharmacy team will then prepare your customized AdherePac, which consolidates your medications based on the day and time you should take them, as prescribed by your doctor. Every pouch is clearly labeled so you know when to take it and what’s inside.


Quality Assurance

Our process features advanced technology custom built to scan each AdherePac pouch for accuracy. Plus, our clinical pharmacists triple-check every order for accuracy


Managing your refills

Your pharmacy team works directly with your doctors and nurses to update your prescriptions and secure refills. We even notify you if a doctor’s appointment is required before we can obtain a new refill.


Medication Delivery

Health Park Pharmacy  coordinates the delivery of your customized AderePacs each month. We can also include in your delivery other prescription and over-the-counter medications you might need, including topicals, diabetic supplies, inhalers and more.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do about dose changes?

If you have a medication with frequent dose changes, we will work closely with you and your healthcare provider to deliver the solution that’s best fits your unique situation.

What do I do if my doctor changes a dose?

Have your doctor send the new prescription to us (fax: 919.847.7641, phone: 919.847.7645, or e-scribe). Upon receipt of the new prescription, we will stop your old prescription and send you enough new medication to get you through until your next delivery arrives.

What do you do about medications I only take sometimes, not everyday?

These “as-needed” medications (medications that you take only as needed rather than on a specific schedule) are dispensed in standard prescription bottles rather than in your daily packs. If you find yourself taking an “as-needed” medication on a scheduled (regular) basis, your Health Park Pharmacist can help you decide whether it might make sense to get a new prescription with scheduled directions, or help you find a more appropriate daily medication.

Billing  & Insurance

What insurance plans do you accept?

We accept most prescription drug insurance plans, including Express Scripts, Caremark,Medicare Part D & North Carolina Medicaid


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